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        Taizhou Suce Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

        Product provider and solution provider
        focusing on automotive test technology
        and test equipment




        Suce Automobile Technology

        Engine intake air conditioner (negative pressure type/normal pressure type/high pressure type)

        ● Stable test conditions shorten the laboratory test time
        ● Wheel base can be flexibly used in different laboratories
        ● Simple operation
        ● Easy to maintain
        ● Wide range of applications

        ACS normal pressure (open/closed) intake air conditioner
        Standard ACS800/1600/2400
        Ambient temperature 10~35℃
        Environment humidity 3 to 30g water/kg dry air
        Conveying air volume 800/1600/2400m3/h
        Air supply interface DN150/200/250
        Supply air temperature 15~30℃±0.5℃
        Humidity control 8-20g/kg dry air
        Pressure control range -100mbar~0, normal pressure, 0~100mbar
        Control mode T、TH、TPH
        Dimensions (length, width, height) 2300X1000X2200/2800X1200X2200/3300X1300X2200
        Weight (kg) 800/1000/1200

        * Special design/customization possible

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