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        JTEKT gave a speech and won an award at the annual conference on automotive steering technology academic papers

        Time: 2020-12-08

        On September 7th, the autumn was high and refreshing. The 2017 Annual Conference of Automotive Steering Gear Technical Academic Papers was held in the Kekexili International Hotel, Xining City, Qinghai Province. Section Chief Wang Jianzhen of JTEKT Technology R&D Center (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JRDC) delivered a speech and won the "third prize for excellent papers".

        This academic annual meeting is held every 2 years and is hosted by the Automotive Steering Technology Branch of SAE China. The first, second and third prizes and excellence awards for excellent papers were selected through the pre-paper solicitation, preliminary review, on-site presentation at the annual meeting, and on-site review at the annual academic conference, aiming to encourage domestic and foreign automotive steering technology academics through this activity Research and promote the rapid and healthy development of automobile steering gear and the automobile industry. A total of 28 papers participated in the publication and awards on the day of the annual meeting.

        At the invitation of SAE China, JTEKT participated in this annual meeting and gave a speech. Section Chief Wang from JRDC, on the basis of sorting out and introducing JTEKT’s EPS (Electric Power Steering Gear) product types, characteristics and regional demand trends, he gave an overview of the development trend of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) and its impact Analyze the requirements of the steering system, and then put forward the feasible plan of "Improving EPS safety through redundant design", and cited JTEKT's research and development results as an example. The content of Section Chief Wang's speech attracted the attention of the participants, and questions came one after another. In the end, JTEKT's "Development of Electric Power Steering (EPS) Supporting Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)" won the third prize of excellent paper. At the same time, Tsinghua University papers and Tongji University papers that have won the first and second prizes for excellent papers are all joint research projects participated by JTEKT.

        As the world’s largest EPS manufacturer, JTEKT took the lead in developing the world’s first electric power steering (EPS) in 1988 and achieved mass production. Over the past 29 years, JTEKT has continuously improved its technology and developed a series of high-quality, profitable Environmentally friendly EPS products. As of April 2015, the cumulative number of EPS products produced exceeded 100 million units, and the cumulative CO2 emissions were reduced by about 6 million tons (internal statistics of the company).

        Now, JTEKT is still the world's leading EPS manufacturer, providing customers all over the world with a wealth of products and quality services. We have the obligation and responsibility to make positive contributions to car safety and driverless driving.

        In China, the fuel consumption restrictions for traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles are becoming increasingly strict, and the development of ADAS and intelligent networked vehicles is also advancing by leaps and bounds. These trends urgently require the emergence of better EPS products. We will make unremitting efforts to realize a harmonious automobile society together with Chinese customers, suppliers and scientific research institutions.

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